Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program

Program overview

The Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program has been developed by the Bulgarian Government to encourage foreign direct investments by providing considerable advantages for individuals from non-EEA countries. Investors under the provisions of BIIP are allowed to obtain Permanent Residence Permit and can apply for a Fast Track Citizenship option. The minimum investment amount required under BIIP is BGN 1 000 000 (€ 511 292).

Application requirements:
  • non-EEA citizen;
  • Certificate for investment in Bulgaria;
  • Visa type “D”;
  • Proof of non-criminal record in the country of residence;
  • Proof of legitimate source of funds;
  • Complete Application form and Agreements.
Investment options under the BIIP we offer:
  • Investment in Government bonds;
  • Investment under Trust agreement.


Permanent Residence Permit

The investor under BIIP may obtain a Permanent Residence Permit in less than 6 months.
Required documents:

  • Certificate for Investment in Bulgaria;
  • Visa type “D”;
  • Proof of a non-criminal record in the country of residence;
  • Legitimate source of funds.
Fast Track Citizenship option:

The investor under BIIP has an option to obtain citizenship within 18 months under the following conditions:

  • at least 1 year of Permanent Residence Statute based on the BIIP;
  • increase the investment to the amount of at least BGN 2 000 000 (€ 1 022 584) under the same legal conditions as the initial investment.


  • 4-6 months to Bulgarian Permanent residence
  • Fast track process to citizenship in 18 months from the date of Permanent Residence approval
  • Family members (Spouses and children under 18 and not married) automatically qualify for Permanent Residence Card
  • Significantly swifter process
  • Profitable exit of the investment
  • No donations requirements
  • Special exemptions from physical residency
  • No language proficiency requirements
  • No requirement to relinquish of current nationality
  • Access to top universities in Europe at preferable tuition fees
  • Participation in the national health care system and social security system

Investment Options

The Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program/BIIP offers unique opportunity to the investor to choose either to invest available personal cash (Full investment) or to get a loan from credit institution in Bulgaria, qualified to operate under BIIP (Financed option). In both cases the investor needs to prove that he has the money for the investment.

What can you invest in?

Our approach is highly flexible, tailored towards the unique needs of every client. We offer full support during the whole investment process starting from the funds required, the structuring of a custom designed investment solution to the investment management and profitable exit. You can choose from several more traditional options as required under the Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program (BIIP) starting from as low as €512,000 and can leverage your investment to increase return and program benefits.

1. Government bondsNon-profit investment

You buy a government bond issued by the Bulgarian state. The bond pays fixed interest (like a bank deposit) and is considered among the safest investments in general. You own the bonds. Yields are very low, but repayment is guaranteed by the Bulgarian state. Bulgaria is very low risk as it has the second lowest debt-to-GDP ratio in the EU (of only 22.6%).

Risk level:LOW Return:LOW Liquidity:HIGH

2. Fiduciary agreementProfit generating investment

    You open a fiduciary account and under it you can acquire different assets to your taste:
  • Life Insurance: You can buy a life insurance policy that provides extra protection to your family and is owned by you and any nominees you choose
  • Real estate: You buy properties such as apartments, commercial real estate or invest in hotels & leisure. Decades of experience and dedicated know-how of our team enhance your position as investor allowing for substantial returns to be realised from one of the best performing real estate markets in the EU
Risk level:LOW Return:HIGH Liquidity:MODERATE

3. Portfolio of investmentsProfit generating investment

You invest in a personal portfolio of various investments carefully selected to complement each other and reduce risk. The portfolio can include real estate, listed company shares, government bonds, bank deposits and other acceptable assets, all backed up by physical ownership over the assets (you own them in person).

Risk level:LOW TO MID Return:MID TO HIGH Liquidity:VARIES

4. Publicly listed companyProfit generating investment

You invest by buying shares of a public company on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. The transaction (purchase) is carried by a regulated investment intermediary and in your own account with the broker. The publicly listed company itself is regulated (by the Financial Supervision Commission and European Securities and Markets Authority) and audited by third party independent auditors. The public company is managed by a reputable independent Manager to ensure investor interests always come first.

You own the shares and can participate in the company decision making process. The market is liquid and your shares can be sold to other investors so exit is easy. Moreover, shares can pay dividends (part of the company profits) and allow you to replace Directors (on a general assembly) providing extra power in your hands.

The public company is a great way to enhance your investment performance as it can invest in a wide variety of assets. The company can invest in prospective private companies in the real estate, aquacultures, renewables, tourism, technology, services and other profitable opportunities to maximize shareholder wealth.

If the investor prefers, the equity held can be converted into real assets like luxury properties or commercial real estate held in the public company`s investment portfolio.


Can you obtain financing to meet the minimum requirements?

We can leverage your investment so you can start your application and boost profits. To find out more, please speak to our team on the benefits of leveraged investment.

All the benefits of the EU common market, its premium healthcare system, top-tier universities and lack of borders have never been easier to access, thanks to the opportunity set in the quality investment options available under VISA FREE EUROPE and accepted by the Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program.

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