Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program?
The Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program was created by the Bulgarian Government to facilitate foreign investments in the local economy. The program provides an opportunity to high net-worth individuals and their families to invest in Bulgaria and to receive Bulgarian Permanent Residence Permit and Bulgarian Passport.
Who is eligible to apply?
Individuals from non-EEA countries.
How many Permanent Residence Permits and Citizenships can be issued per year?
There is no limitation in the number of Permanent Residence Permits and Citizenships that can be issued per year, as soon as the applicants meet all the requirements.
What is the minimum investment required?
The minimum investment amount required under BIIP is BGN 1 000 000 (€ 511 292).
What is the refund policy if I be rejected by any stage of the application process under BIIP?
If the applicant is rejected to receive visa “D”, or Permanent Residence Permit, the investment is liquidated through sale and the money are returned to the investor.
What are the stages of the application process of Permanent Resident Permit?
Choose the preferred investment option →Make the necessary investment → Obtain the respective documents → Visa “D” application → Apply to the Bulgarian consulate → Travel to Bulgaria to submit residence application → Obtain Permanent Residence Permit → Second trip to Bulgaria Apply and obtain Bulgarian ID document.
What are the requirements for acquisition of Permanent Resident Permit under BIIP?

A Permanent Residence Permit may be provided to foreign investor, who has:

  • obtained a Certificate for Investment in Bulgaria;
  • received a visa type “D”;
  • presented a proof a non-criminal record in the country of residence;
  • prove a legitimate source of funds.
Who is eligible to issue the Certificate for Investment in Bulgaria
The authorized Governmental institution which issue the Certificate for Investment in Bulgaria is the Bulgarian investment promotion agency.
Who is eligible to issue visa “D”?
Bulgarian Consulate in the country of residence issues visa “D”.
What is a certified copy of a document?
Certified copy is copy of an official document certified as valid/legal by the Bulgarian Embassy at the country of residence of the applicant.
If I have lived in different countries, I am obliged to get proof of non-criminal record (certificate of no-conviction) from each country?
NO. The procedure requires The Certificate of Non-Criminal Record to be issued by the competent institutions in the country of residence.
Do I have to live in Bulgaria during the application process?
NO. The BIIP is designed to free the applicant of mandatory living in Bulgaria. All that needs to be done is the applicant and the members of his/her family to visit Bulgaria two times during each stage of the application process: to submit and to receive personally the documents to/from the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.
What is Fast Track Citizenship?
The Fast Track Citizenship is a unique option for investors under BIIP to receive Bulgarian Citizenship within 18 months of obtaining Permanent Residence status.
What are the main requirements for Fast Track Citizenship?

A Fast Track Citizenship may be provided to foreign investor who:

  • Has at least 1 year of Permanent Residence Status, based on the BIIP;
  • Increases the investment to the amount of at least BGN 2 000 000 (€ 1 022 584) under the same legal conditions as the initial investment.
How long does the application process take?
The procedure for obtaining Permanent Residence Permit is realized within 6 months (incl. investment establishing, visa “Type D” issue, residence permit and ID card issue).
The procedure for obtaining Bulgarian Citizenships is within 18 months of obtaining Permanent Residence status.
Can I hold dual citizenship?
Do I need to prove Bulgarian Language proficiency?
Is it necessary to reside in Bulgaria?
What rights I gain by obtaining Bulgarian Permanent Residence Permit?

The Permanence Residence Permit entitles its holder to:

  • enter and exit Bulgaria freely and to reside in the country for undefined period;
  • enter and free stay for up to 90 days within a period of 180 days in Romania, Croatia and Cyprus;
  • have the same rights as a Bulgarian citizen, related to healthcare, education, freedom of travel within the country;
  • set up business;
  • buy property;
Do I become European citizens once I obtain a Bulgarian Passport?
YES. Once you become Bulgarian citizen by naturalisation, you obtain all the rights of European citizen: travel, work, and study freely in every country of the EU.