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Who we are

Visa Free Europe is Bulgarian company, specialized in investment immigration services and asset management for high-net-worth individuals and their families. At VFE we provide consultancy in migration, investment and financing matters under the provisions of the Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program. Our mission is to help our clients and their families in every stage of implementation of the Program suitable for them.

In order to provide highly professional and individually tailored services we work with wide network of partners, ranging from reputable financial institutions and top level law firms to all relevant governmental institutions. We are proficient in identifying the best investment option for our clients, leading to benefits of permanent residency and citizenship in Bulgaria.

Our moto is “The success comes when you reach the advantages of the unlimited possibilities.” We stand for trust and partnership with our clients following some simple principles:

  • Be professional
  • Be discrete
  • Be trustworthy


At Visa Free Europe we believe that the first step is to decide to ask for more. In the era of globalization we all have the opportunity to succeed better life for us and for our families.

Visa Free Europe provides professional support to high-net-worth individuals, who are willing by investment to attain the freedom of the European social, cultural and economic life.


The trust is the main asset in such a personal matter as investment immigration. In that sense, Visa Free Europe is not only service provider, but a partner to its clients. We offer smooth and attainable procedure, leading to permanent residency and even Bulgarian citizenship.

We provide high standard services

We guarantee confidence and discretion.

Our reputation is the client’s appreciation.


Areas of competence

Visa Free Europe is specialized in Immigration Advisory, Investment Advisory and Asset Management services.

We offer to potential investors specialized investment products pursuant to the Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program /BIIP. Our services range from advising our clients on the details of the relevant legislation and its requirements, to identifying the specific needs of each applicant and then advising on investment product most suited to their requirements. We manage investment portfolios of our clients.


Immigration Advisory services: We offer advisory and assistance in obtaining Bulgarian Permanent Residence Permit and Bulgarian Citizenship under The Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program /BIIP. Our services vary from technical support of application documentation, representation before the institutions in Bulgaria on the behalf of the client to continuous monitoring and maintenance of the statute of the client.

Investment Advisory services: We advise our clients on the most suitable investment option under the provisions of the Bulgaria Investment Immigration Program/ BIIP. We examine the chosen investment option and advise accordingly in order for the individual to meet the terms and conditions, as well as the financial criteria, in the most effective and efficient way.

Asset Management services: We actively manage the obtained under the provision of the Bulgarian Investment Immigration Program/ BIIP assets on the behalf of their owners. We manage investments in real estate projects, operating businesses and financial instruments. We provide tailored market strategies and actively managed portfolios. Our aim is to maximize the investment value by streamlining operations on client’s behalf.



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